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Financial Performance Partners

FPP Project Experience

Financial Performance Partners Project Experience

Why FPP?

At FPP we have the expertise and know how to help your organization continue down the road to success. We are unique in the sense that each partner delivers a hands-on approach to each and every client engagement. We possess the skillsets and technical know-how our clients demand when they select a business partner. We not only manage the entire client relationship, but we also work directly with you and your team.

FPP has completed 140+ projects, amassing the knowledge and ongoing industry data needed to deliver our services with a comprehensive approach and detailed project plans designed to promote responsibility, accountability, and execution that enhances your company's overall Financial Performance.


Our Approach

Our approach combines our industry knowledge, detailed analysis, and insight to work in conjunction with your leadership team to develop the action plans required to turn your vision into reality. Our engineering backgrounds have taught us to make data driven decisions and to follow a proven structured approach.

At FPP, we leverage the "Shewhart cycle" made popular by Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the father of modern quality control. The repeated cycle follows four basic steps:

  • P = Plan: Make a plan.
  • D = Do: Execute the plan.
  • C = Check: Compare results with plan expectations.
  • A = Act: Implement corrective action. Revise and/or create a new plan/method of execution to continuously imporve.

Project Management

Project management is at the root of the our skillsets at FPP. Our focus on responsibility, accountability, and execution delivers successful projects while promoting long-term relationships with our clients. Due to our engineering backgrounds, we fully understand that the only constant is change. We are adept at effectively leveraging research, analytics, and industry insights to help design and execute project plans designed to support critical business initiatives for complex projects. The best way to understand FPP's project management capabilities and style is to talk with our past clients. We will gladly provide references and set up an introduction.

Merger Integration/SystemConversion

We have developed a comprehensive approach to integration. We manage all aspects required to integrate the day-to-day operations while minimizing the overall customer impact and potential disruption of service. We identify profit improvement opportunities through increased revenue and/or expense reduction, resulting in the combined entity being a more profitable financial institution on day one. Our integration process has over 700 tasks that we specifically tailored to meet your needs. Our proprietary tools have been designed to provide a collaborative work environment providing access for team members in multiple locations. These tools foster information flow and timely communication while supporting risk mitigation by identifying the level of risk (R- Red, O- Orange, Y- Yellow, G- Green) associated with specific tasks. This provides means to continuously monitor progress using a management–by–eye approach.

Contract Review/Negotiations

We understand the operational and customer needs of our clients through the vast experience gained completing Merger Integration projects. FPP has the capability to negotiate both the monetary and non-monetary terms and conditions of your long term vendor agreements. Technology is most likely one of the largest non-interest expense for most Financial Institutions. Our vast experience working with community bankers and their technology providers allows us to continually update our industry intelligence. We help drive sound technology decisions, matching your needs and budget in order to maximize the return on your technology investment.

Due Dilligence/Loan Review

At FPP, we will tailor a due diligence or loan portfolio review to meet your specific needs as our client. We have experience completing loan reviews in conjunction with a comprehensive due diligence effort for acquisition, a capital infusion, or to meet the requirements set forth for your third party independent loan portfolio review. Our unique approach to Loan Review includes the tools to support an efficient and collaborative process either on-site or remotely. We have also developed proprietary computer simulation models to analyze the risk associated with the "homogeneous" loan portfolios (Mortgages, HELOC's, Consumer Loans).



Financial Performance Partners blends a very unique combination of financial service, engineering and management experiences we have acquired at Fortune 500® firms including Honda, GM, and Johnson Controls. This unique combination delivers results and improves performance with a Beyond the Traditional℠ approach, which no other firm can match. We partner with you, our clients, to bring fruition significant projects and initiatives. We drive the development and execution of project plans designed to enhance your overall Financial Performance.


Parter and Project Manager Mark Hegemann of Financial Performance Partners

Mark Hegemann - Project Manager

Project Manager Mark Hegemann has been leading multi-faceted projects for over 25 years in his various roles at both Honda R&D and Financial Performance Partners. Mark leverages his engineering mindset with a disciplined approach to project management along with an analytical method to problem solving. During his 18 plus years at FPP, he has led multiple projects specific to core/ancillary systems, conversions, bank integrations/optimizations, due diligence, and loan review engagements.

BSME, Mechanical Engineering, University of Dayton
(513) 721-1300

Parter and Project Manager Chuck Rogers of Financial Performance Partners

Chuck Rogers - Advisor

Advisor Chuck Rogers earned his MBA in Quantitative Analysis and is an expert in operations and project management for financial institutions. The former Navy Pilot also taught systems engineering at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Chuck leverages his 30 plus years of experience to provide FPP clients with creative solutions for comprehensive operational initiatives that enhance income, streamline operations, lower costs, and facilitate change.

BBA, Marketing/Quantitative Analysis, University of Cincinnati
MBA, Quantitative Analysis, University of Cincinnati

Parter and Managing Director Dave Ernst of Financial Performance Partners

Dave Ernst - Advisor

Advisor Dave Ernst has 25 plus years of experience in engineering, leadership, and project management. Over the past 16 years at FPP, he has led multiple projects specific to merger integration, business model optimization, business system analysis, due diligence, loan review and vendor management. He has also developed FPP’s proprietary simulation models for analyzing the credit risk of mortgage, HELOC, and consumer loan portfolios.

BSME, Mechanical Engineering, University of Dayton
MBA, Operations & Finance, Indiana University


We have worked with a multitude of clients. See what some of them have said about FPP.

"When we embarked on this strategic alignment of two major financial institutions… it was very apparent we needed the best integration specialists in the business. FPP’s attention to detail helped us execute this opportunity with the maximum confidence."

President & Chief Executive Officer

"This is the most thorough and comprehensive due diligence review with which I have ever been associated. Financial Performance Partners takes this art to the next level with a disciplined approach. You feel very comfortable making decisions based upon their assessment. They ask the right questions and get the answers."

Private Equity Investor

"FPP was an excellent partner for our two consecutive bank acquisitions. With the aid of their comprehensive management tool, Mark provided clear and concise directives that kept the team advancing cohesively and able to meet the vital deadlines that lead to the successful integrations. The process drilled down into specific details that the team may not have considered without the guidance and direction of FPP."

SVP, Chief Retail & Marketing Officer

"As I have said before, glad you are part of the launch team…thanks again for going above and beyond. You showed great ingenuity in figuring out a quantitative way to validate the system. You’ve been dogged throughout the development process."

VP, Credit Card Management

"FPP has provided a tremendous service…I cannot emphasize enough how beneficial your guidance has been."

EVP, Chief Operating Officer


Financial Performance Partners, LLC
9140 Waterstone Blvd
Cincinnati, OH 45249
Phone: 513-721-1300
Fax: 513-721-3706
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Mark Hegemann